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SAG v2.0

Hi there,

first of all: I’ll write in english from now on since it is kind of the default language for all things CG and tech.

Secondly: I would like to present a rewrite of my Skyrim Alchemy Guide. Unlike the original, v2.0 was done mainly for practicing. During the last semester break I started learnig JavaScript, inspired by a fellow student, who rapidly implemented a prototype of a boardgame for a class, using html, css and JS. SAG v2.0 is my first project using the language. It runs in your browser (hopefully! at least it runs in my firefox…better not try IE), no istallation or download needed. And it saves its current state on your computer, which is important if you want to use it across multiple sessions. It also features a pretty weird sounding acronym, but that happens if you don’t think about that before naming your product. At some time in the future I will probably also add a feature for switching between different characters. I wrote a tiny user guide in my last post (in german – Google Translate is your friend), so refer to it if you have problems using it. The only thing new is the Reset-Button, which deletes all the links representing the knowledge of a character, leaving you with a clean state as if you visited the site for the first time.

So have fun with it, I hope it makes potion-brewing a bit more comfortable and leave a comment if you find a bug or just want to say thanks.

Happy Holidays!

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